The Outsider

Tarot card created for the Alleyman Tarot deck series— specifically, their next big project: a podcast diving into the lore and mythos of the 'Alleyman' themselves! All the artists and I were given the same prompt to interpret how we like, and this is what I created.

ALT TEXT: A femme person with pointy ears, a hooked nose, and small tusks in profile facing left. Her curly hair is side parted with a braid holding some of it out of her face. She has white decorative eyeliner and a tattoo of a moth, but with a sword for a body and a red halo-like sun framing the sword point. She is surrounded by evergreen trees as a handful of birds take flight, silhouetted against a large moon rising against a pink sunset.

The art style is textured to resemble a wood block print.