The Unspoken

"The Unspoken" is a card for an Oracle Deck published by Publishing Goblin LLC, which previously produced the Allyman's Tarot Deck.
My illustration features an original character design for a nonbinary Godex of Words Unspoken. Their concept was based on the idea of creating an entity that hears all wishes whispered on the wind, youthful yearnings, and any words left unsaid at the end of the day. Your voice shall always be heard.

ALT: A card illustration featuring a Fat Mixed race (Black & Asian) nonbinary person with a medium brown skin tone. He is facing right and is looking over their shoulder towards the viewer, her three pink eyes gazing towards you with soft curiosity. A halo of stars encircles their head. She has long dark curls tucked behind pointed ears that fade into the dusk sunset/night sky, filled with constellations and a glowing crescent moon. His two hands are folded together in front of him gently resting on her stomach, pointer fingers extended slightly while a third glowing arm holds a spectral finger to her lips in a 'shh' motion. The Godex has visible body hair on his forearms and on her face. She stands in a field of wildflowers that also seem to fade into the sky. Behind them, red, orange, and pink clouds fade into the blues of night. The dress they wear is also a double exposure with the night sky— featuring a deep v cut on his back exposing the soft curves and rolls of fat. The words "The Unspoken" in handwritten cursive sit at the bottom of the card, glowing gold. End at text.